That big name national coffee chain is all over Tucson, but when’s the last time you had an amazing morning beverage from a local store or chain? There are some local tea and coffee shops in Tucson that take coffee to the next level by offering food pairings or using in-house brew methods to make the perfect cup–good coffee is almost an art form. Here’s where you can find a great cup o’ joe from a smaller coffee shop.

Local Coffee and Tea Shops in Tucson

Local Tea and Coffee Shops in Tucson

Crave Coffee Bar
4530 E. Broadway Boulevard
(520) 445-6665
Whether you’re a connoisseur, a writer, a poet, or just looking for great taste, Crave Coffee Bar is a must-try spot. The airy atmosphere is just part of the great experience. The in-house roasted coffee beans make for possibly the freshest coffee you’ll ever have.

Savaya Coffee Market
Multiple locations in Tucson, Oro Valley, and Marana: 5350 E. Broadway Blvd., 2905 E. Skyline Dr. #287, 11177 N. Oracle Rd., 2120 N. Dove Mountain Blvd.
Here you’ll find a truly organic cup of coffee made with health and “happiness of body” in mind. Enjoy an artisanal cup of coffee, then take a class on how to make it yourself.

Raging Sage Coffee Roasters
2458 N. Campbell Avenue
(520) 320-5203
Raging Sage is a micro-roaster that offers coffee and pastries with great counter service. After winning multiple awards, you can taste their intent to win more inside every cup of coffee.

San Giorgi’s Coffee
6435 N. Thornydale Road
(520) 544-3069
Sometimes you find the best flavors in family-owned recipes. At San Giorgi’s, coffee is in their blood and passed down from generation to generation. You’ll find nothing but the best organic and free trade coffees and teas here.

Black Crown Coffee Company
4024 E. Speedway Boulevard
(520) 270-6473
Black Crown has fine tuned the art of great tasting coffee, tea, internet, and magic (per their Facebook page). Open in the old Safehouse building on Broadway, it’s a fun and funky eclectic shop with weekly open mic nights.

Cartel Coffee Lab
Multiple locations in Tucson: 210 E. Broadway Blvd., 2516 N. Campbell Ave.
Cartel offers a different experience to every cup of coffee. Their goal is not only to bring you amazing flavors from around the world but grow a sense of community right inside their shop. They’re doing a great job at it.

Le Buzz Cafe
9121 E. Tanque Verde Road
(520) 749-3903
The name gives it away here, their espresso is the heart of this cafe, but the baked goods are what puts them on the map. Popular with the local bike riders on their way to and from Mt. Lemmon, the LeBuzz in-house roasts pair amazingly with all their sandwiches and pastries.

Bentley’s House of Coffee
1730 E. Speedway Boulevard
(520) 795-0338
Everyone can enjoy the flavors here at Bentley’s, including vegan, vegetarians, and those who are gluten free. A staple of the University of Arizona area, Bentley’s food offerings are plentiful for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Revolutionary Grounds
606 N. 4th Ave
(520) 620-1770
“Leftist bibliophiles” opened up Revolutionary Grounds with the idea of sharing their love for books, with great tasting coffee and tea. We can’t tell if Revolutionary Grounds is a coffee shop inside of a bookstore, or a bookstore inside of a coffee shop, but we do know they make a great cup of coffee.

Cafe Passe
415 N. 4th Avenue
(520) 624-4411
If quaint is what you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Cafe Passe. There is something about the blending of coffee with great art and poetry that makes it taste so much better. Cafe Passe also serves beer, wine, and cocktails.  

Civano Coffee House
5278 S. Civano Boulevard
(520) 441-7400
Most coffee bars focus on bringing you an amazing cup of coffee, but Civano goes further than that. Beer, wine, cocktails, food, espresso, pastries, and a mighty fine cup of coffee can all be found at this popular coffee shop nestled inside of the Civano community.

Seven Cups
2516 East 6th Street
(520) 628-2952
Coffee is great, but your morning caffeine can also be found in tea. Seven Cups adds a zen-like feeling to their cups of tea, which imported from China.

Brewd Coffee Lounge
4960 N. Sabino Canyon Road
(520) 623-2336
There is always room to try something new, and Brewd does that with their coffee lounge. Rather than a little shop, or bar, this lounge hopes to be the place to meet for group meetings, live music, and community events.

Whether you go for pure taste, pairings, art, poetry, live music, or atmosphere, Tucson has a local coffee shop just for you. Step away from the national chain and try something new–from a different part of town, the country, or the world.

Local Coffee and Tea Shops in Tucson

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