The staff of an apartment community are the reason a property runs smoothly, residents are happy and people find new homes. At MCLife, we wouldn’t be who we are without our awesome leasing and maintenance staff in all of our communities. They are the faces of our company and assist our residents every single day!

We are going to introduce you to our staff at The Place at Creekside. This blog is going to help you get to know our leasing staff at Creekside and the work that they do. The Place at Creekside is a beautifully maintained, new apartment community in East Tucson with a spectacular view of the mountains. When you walk into the main clubhouse, you enter a modern, comfortable hangout with an incredible updated kitchen, seating area and view of the swimming pool. As soon as you walk in, you will be greeted by one of the amazing staff members.

Patsy Garcia is the property manager of Creekside and has been in property management for 20 years. She started out as a housekeeper at a property in Oklahoma, and moved up to become a leasing agent. When she came to Tucson, she began working for a new property, and spent 7 years as a property manager. But, in business you move as your company buys, sells and moves so Patsy was forced to start again when her company sold all of their properties. Luckily, Lesley Brice, President of MC Companies, got in touch with Patsy and brought her into the MC family in 2011.

Patsy loves the day to day changes and challenges that come with property management. She has mastered the balance between remaining firm, and finding compassion when dealing with resident issues. “My staff is the biggest reward at the end of the day. I am lucky to have such a helpful, positive staff. We all work really well together and function as a team. I try to teach them everything I know to help them grow.”

Creekside Staff Collage

Martha Gomez is the assistant manager at The Place at Creekside and she came to MC Companies in 2012. While she studied fashion design in school, Martha put that on the backburner and was working in admin when she had her daughter. She exudes the persona of a budding fashionista, but thrives doing the focused, organized work in the property office. “I love doing the clerical work. I am very organized so keeping all of the paperwork in order is fun for me. But the best part of the job is helping people find their new homes. It is always so satisfying to see how happy people are when they sign a lease and join us here.”

Lisa Jackson has been a leasing consultant at The Place at Creekside since 2012. She moved to Tucson from Michigan back in 2010 and has made the desert her home. She loves working with her team at the property and taking on new challenges that come with the job. She will be part of the team at our upcoming property, The Place at Presidio and can’t wait to continue working for MC. My biggest reward has been to help meet our company’s goals during our lease up. Our company has encouraged our team and also has rewarded our team with each new goal that has been met. I have never experienced such positive feedback from upper management before from any company that I was previous employed.”

Liz Ball is the latest addition to the leasing team at The Place at Creekside. She also helps out The Place at Canyon Ridge and loves being part of the MC team. She moved back to Arizona in 2011 after spending 20 years in Wisconsin, and working with Dominos for 27 years. She sold real estate in Wisconsin for years before leaving the real estate industry. But when she came to Tucson, MC seemed like the perfect fit for her. “As a leasing consultant, I love the environment. I get to meet really great people, field walk-ins, and every day is different. I hope to get more involved with resident life and would like to build more events and offers for them in the community.”

At MC Companies, we understand that we are only as good as the people that make up our team. We pride ourselves on finding the best people in each region to work at our properties, and interact with our residents every day. If you are curious about leasing at The Place at Creekside you can call: 520-428-5162 and schedule a tour. Let our awesome staff help you find your next home!

Get to Know Us The Place at Creekside

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