Arizona is well known for its weather and desert landscape. We’ve got roads and trails that stretch for miles across flat, winding and rugged terrain. While the summer months may be sweltering, we have temperate winter, spring and fall seasons that make us ideal for outdoor activities.

Our weather happens to be the #1 reason Arizona and more specifically, Tucson, is an ideal place for cyclists. Cycling in Tucson is a popular form of recreation and it is no surprise why. I spoke to Steve Wetmore, owner of the local Tucson business Sabino Cycles, about his shop and the cycling culture in Tucson.  He explained to me why Tucson is a great place for cyclists to come, stay and train. “Tucson has a pretty large network of bicycle paths as well as roads that have shoulders wide enough to accommodate riders. Cyclists really like to take advantage of the weather and availability of routes here. Pro teams come here in the winter to do their training. We have people coming from all over the world to get in training.”sabino3

In a city where cycling reigns supreme in the outdoor world, Sabino Cycles is a neighborhood full-range bicycle shop that is supporting Tucson’s bike culture and helping people find their own path into cycling. “Sabino cycles has been in business for 20 years. We have a reputation for great customer service that we work very hard to maintain and build upon. We are a full line bike shop, we have kids bikes all the way up to high end carbon fiber racing bikes. We want customers to come in and feel like they are at their neighborhood bike shop, where they can get quality bikes and get advice from people who are passionate about cycling. We have a full range of bicycles for riders at any level, great customer service and we offer bicycle repair and servicing.”

Steve and all of the staff at Sabino Cycles are cyclists and look to support local cycling events as well as the Tucson cycling community. During the month of April, Tucson will be celebrating Tucson Bike Fest. MC Life and Sabino Cycles have come together to host multiple rides from MC Life’s Creekside Residences to coincide with Tucson Bike Fest. There will be three different rides that residents, and non-residents interested in attending, can go on.

Starting location for rides: Creekside Residences at 9971 E. Speedway, Tucson, just west of Houghton.

Starting times for rides: 8am  (7am – 8am safety inspections, mechanic will adjust bikes)

Ride 1. Friday, 4/3  Silke Mildenbrand leads the 12-14mph ride on route near Mt. Lemmon or Saguaro National Park.  Kensabino3 Montaney is the onsite mechanic.

Ride 2. Tuesday, 4/14  Bob Wilman leads the 10-12 mph ride on route near Mt. Lemmon or Saguaro National Park.  Bob and Chris Stringer are the mechanics.

Ride 3. To be determined. Will post soon.

An hour before each ride, Sabino Cycles will also have a mechanic on site to do safety checks and free small repairs. This will ensure that your bike is in safe riding condition before setting off on one of the group rides. You can also be sure that the routes have been carefully chosen by the professionals at Sabino Cycles. “Of course we want the riders to have fun, but safety is the first concern. We aim to pick routes where there isn’t a lot of traffic, and if it is heavier on traffic, we pick roads with wide shoulders so we don’t have to ride in the traffic lanes. We also look at difficulty. We don’t want it to be too challenging but we want there to be variance in terrain – we want them to grow and develop as cyclists so they can go on more advanced rides.”

If you have a passion for cycling or are interested in getting started, Tucson is a great place to be. Sabino Cycles is a well loved business and resource for any cyclist. Whether purchasing a bike for your kids, a mountain bike or a beach cruiser, Sabino Cycles should be the first stop you make. We hope to see you at one of the rides leaving from Creekside!

Check out Sabino Cycles for any of your bike needs and come say hi at our Creekside Property during Tucson Bike Fest. We hope you ride with us!

Sabino Cycles in Tucson AZ

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