The Best of the Best: Thank You To All Of Our Nurses

National Nurses day is a great chance for all of us to celebrate the amazing nurses in our lives! Without nurses we would be living with a very different reality. The nurses in our hospitals and care facilities keep the world healthy! Doctors write the prescriptions but the nurses keep us comfortable, safe, company;  they […]

The Benefits of Bring Your Children to Work Day

Soon it will be everyone’s favorite day of the year in the workplace…bring your children to work day! It’s always fun to have kids exploring the office. They’re great at running the shredders and pushing all the buttons. It’s a great way to learn about new hiding spaces too! In reality the benefits of bring […]

Cheers! To Good Cocktails!

Going out for a drink in Tucson is a great opportunity for a fantastic night. There are many different places to get a good drink in Tucson. For those who want a unique experience, there are a few locations that you can’t miss! These bars in Tucson offer twists, flavors, and ideas that you just […]

Ask Not What Earth Can Do For You, But What You Can Do For Earth!

Let’s take a look at Earth Day and learn about how we can all lend a hand and support this beautiful place we call home. Here’s some fun facts about Earth Day in Tucson and around the globe! Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22. Around the world there are various events, demonstrations, and […]

Play Around in East Tucson

If you are looking for apartments in East Tucson will want to know what is around you. What is nearby? What is there to do? Are there family friendly restaurants? What about weekend activities? Here at MCLife we want you to be connected to the world around you. That is why we have our 5-5-5 […]

Looking For The Ultimate St Patricks Day Parties in Tucson?

On St Patricks day we are all a little bit more Irish right? If you are looking for the ultimate St Patricks day parties in Tucson then you have come to the right place. We’ll break it down for you so you can find an epic party that is near you.   For just a […]

How to Win Gold at your Winter Olympics Party

The Winter Olympics are back! Here are some great ideas to make sure your 2018 Winter Olympics viewing party is a hit. The most fun part of the Winter Olympics is watching your favorite events with friends and family. If you are planning a party, these are some awesome ideas to help get you started! […]

Tucson Events: Complete Guide To The 2018 Jazz Festival

The Tucson Jazz Festival is a 10 day celebration of Jazz with musicians from all over the country performing at verious locations during the Festival, and an all day Downtown Jazz Fiesta on January 16th, 2018. Get read for the biggest of Tucson events with our complete guide to the 2018 Tucson Jazz Festival. Tucson […]

The 5 Best Bars for Trivia Night Around Tucson

Test your knowledge at the best bars Around Tucson for Trivia Night. Here we have a great list of the 5 Best Bars for Trivia Night Around Tucson. You can find the name, days for trivia, address, phone number, and even their website links! This is a must see guide for trivia night around Tucson. […]

10 Easy Thanksgiving Side Dishes Anyone Can Make

Not an amazing cook? No problem! We’ve picked out 10 easy Thanksgiving Side dishes that anyone cam make with a few ingredients and easy to follow steps. Here we will highlight 10 different recipes fit for a Thanksgiving dinner that don’t require expert cooking knowledge or too many ingredients – This is a basic guide […]