November is Native American heritage month! Today we’re sharing with you some ways to explore ways to celebrate, Native American archaeological sites, ways to connect with Tucson Indian heritage, and more! 

Ways to Explore and Discover Native American Heritage This November: 

Want to know something exciting? Learning about Native American history in Tucson doesn’t require you to leave the house! There are things you can do at home to learn about Native American heritage even with quarantine and social distancing! 


November is Native American Heritage Month


Did you know that Arizona only became a state in 1912! What is now the state we know and love was once part of Mexico! This is also one of the earliest inhabited areas of the country. There is evidence of Hohokam settlements that date back thousands of years. 


This makes Arizona and Tucson a culturally rich area…and a Mecca for history buffs that want to explore America’s past! 


Explore Ancient Native American Archaeological Sites


There are tons of ways to learn more about Native American heritage this month. Check out the link below to learn about the amazing places you can visit here in Tucson to learn more about Native American history in this region. 


Most of these places give you chances to social distance so you don’t have to stress about being able to enjoy and learn while considering safety and health! 


Heritage and Culture Day Trips in Tucson


Watch Tutorial Videos on the Tucson Indian Center’s Website


One thing that we havve all learned this year is that we can still learn and explore while stuck at home! Check out some videos on the Tucson Indian Center’s website this year. There’s no better way to celebrate Native American Heritage Month than by learning about that heritage and supporting a local resource in the TIC! 


The Tucson Indian Center is a great resource. Under normal circumstances and likely with soon, the center itself will reopen and you’ll be able to explore in person. Until then the website is a wealth of information! 


Learn more and watch tutorial videos here! 

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Tucson Living Posts: 

Tucson living is amazing. There’s always something new and exciting, something for everyone! If you are new to Tucson or if you are just looking for more ways to get out there and enjoy everything that this city has to offer, these posts will help! After you are done learning about Native American History in Tucson, take some time to check out these great Tucson living posts for more inspiration. 


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